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NS Premier Dog Behaviour Consulting Service

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • I love my dog, but not some of his behaviours
  • I went to obedience class, but my dog doesn't obey
  • I do everything I see on TV, but my dog seems to be getting worse
  • What I read online and in books about dogs is conflicting and leaves me confused
  • My neighbour had a dog just like mine and says he can fix the problem. Is he right?
  • My dog growls at me. Will he bite me next?

Or How About?

  • I'd love to have a dog. Should I get a rescue? Or find a breeder? What does a good rescue and breeder even look like?
  • We are expecting a baby. How will my dog adjust? Will my baby be safe?
  • I wish I could understand what my dog is tryin’ to say
  • My dogs don't get along. I am afraid they will hurt each other
  • I want my dog's companionship. Can I have a best friend and a dog who listens to me?  

If This is You, Let Me Help!