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What Every Dog Should Know

Dogs are not egalitarian. Absolutely, we have a moral, unfortunately in our lands rarely a legal, obligation to meet their needs, but someone has to call the shots, and with dogs that live with us, it’s us.

We have complete control of what our dog wants, have an idea what we want our relationship to be like, and have the rational to set the course.

Once we are clear, we need to explain that do the dog, so that he knows how his sometimes complex and changing world functions, and what role he plays in this hairless ape society. And we do that with commands, or cues if you like that word better.

Commands are like a roadmap for your dog, and can also function as a safety net when he is nervous. 

Different things are important for different people, so which commands you teach is really up to you.

However, there are a number of behaviors that, I think, every dog should know and heed to when cued, because it makes life a whole lot more pleasurable.

They are:

Recognize his name and pay attention

Come when called

Walk mannerly on the leash

Hold a position

Stop moving on a halt command

Back up on cue

Leave something/one on command

Release something in his mouth when asked

Depending on the dog, I focus on some more than others, but all my clients receive information and guidance on all of the above - and more,

for example: targeting and touching an outstretched hand. 

Find more obedience commands here: