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In Your Home Consultation:

Is designed for any dog, any age, any behavioural problem that manifests inside and/or outside the home.

The first session is app. 2-3 hours long, and included in your fee is also an app. 1-hour follow-up session.  

With this comprehensive consultation you will receive:

  • An in-depth and accurate evaluation of your dog that includes: History, diet, routine, what your dog communicates, what his triggers, and also his motivators, are. We find the missing links, and understand why your dog is behaving the way he does
  • A realistic, customized for you, protocol how to move forward. It can include: How to manage your dog more effectively, commands your dog should know, anxiety relief and confidence building measures that will make your dog feel safe in his environment, ideas for mental and physical stimulation that alleviate boredom. All of this, including the obedience commands, can easily be incorporated into your normal routine.
  • A written, personalized summary emailed within 5 business days that addresses everything we discuss during our meeting. That means you don’t have to take notes
  • A number of general handouts applicable to you and your dog. Some include links to interesting articles and video clips
  • Guaranteed unlimited lifetime (your dog's) online support. Once you are my client, you have a direct line to me whenever you need it. Online means email as well as an invitation to join my Clients' Exclusive Facebook Group. You can even send video clips for me to analyze and give my feedback. 


Payment is due the day of our session and I accept Cash, Cheque, or EMT

If you are outside my service area, please email for availability and cost

To book an appointment: Email at [email protected]

If you wanted, or needed, to see me again after the first, in your initial fee included, follow-up meeting, fee is $ 50.00 per session + GST.

Sessions by the Hour - Fee is $ 85.00 + GST per hour

This is specifically designed for people who really only need an assessment done, or where the behavioural problem is very specific, for example only at the dog park.

With this service you won't receive the personal report or email support, but you will get the applicable general handouts and an invitation to join my Clients' Exclusive Facebook Group.

Pawsitively Matched

Many behavioral problems arise not because the dog is bad or the people incompetent, but because dog and people are mismatched.

Laypeople typically don't see red flags in ads or on a website.

Getting a professional's assessment and objective eye before you acquire a dog can save you money, but more importantly a lot of heartache. 

We discuss things like:

What breed is a good fit?

What are the signs of a good breeder, or rescue group?

What should I look for in a rescue dog?

Will my existing dog like the new one?

And more!

Your decision affects you, your family, and the dog for a decade or longer. Let me help you make the right one. 

Fee: $ 100.00 + GST for the first meeting which is typically around 2 hours long.

Follow-up meetings, once the pup or dog is in your home, is $ 50.00 + GST per meeting.

Cash, cheque or EMT

Please note that this is a much reduced fee I offer because I see so many dogs and families struggling.

Email at [email protected] to book an appointment.

Premier, designed for you and your dog, personal service.

I specialize in private consultations since 2007. It's not also what I do, but only what I do.

Email me at [email protected]

to book an appointment. 

Or call: 902-240-1649

Got Pet Insurance?

My fee might be covered!

I am a veterinary approved consultant. Check with your provider.